Plymouth, Devon
Available in hundreds of different colours and fabrics, vertical blinds are by far the most popular and versatile blinds. Louvres come in a choice of two sizes, 89 mm (3 ”) or 127 mm (5”).
Vertical Blinds
Most fabrics are now machine washable. A fabric ideal for conservatories or where furniture fading is to be avoided is Solar Protective Coated fabrics. Also available are blackout fabrics offering 0% light filtration is ideal for young children’s bedrooms or the nightshift worker!! Fire retardant fabrics should also be considered when choosing your blinds as window dressings can give a fire (whether in your home or the office) easy fuel to the upper floors and ceiling space.

All louvre samples retailed by Abacus have a tag detailing information regarding the fabrics e.g. whether they are machine washable or flame retardant. This helps when choosing a fabric if you have specific requirements.

Abacus traditionally sews all louvres top and bottom with a clear translucent thread. We do not heat seal or glue as these methods can fail when under the pressures of high temperatures, pets or children. Be sure to ask before purchasing your blinds.

We can also manufacture vertical blinds to a maximum size of 5 metres wide by 5 metres drop, all on one head rail!

Abacus offers a choice of two different head rails:
Slimline Headrail This head rail is extremely popular and is mainly aimed at the domestic market. We use a smooth bodied channel with easy unhook hangers and re-aligning trucks. Should a louvre become obstructed when tilting, opening or shutting, simply tilt the blind the other way and keep pulling the control chain and all louvres will re-align automatically
Wide Bodied (Impala)
Wide Bodied Headrail The wide-bodied system is mainly used in the commercial sector or on large blinds where a lot of weight is carried and smooth, easy operation is required. Impala offers equal stacking at the end of the blind and all hangers run on wheels inside the head rail, thus giving easy operation when drawing the blind.