Plymouth, Devon
Our wooden collections bring the natural beauty of wood to your home and will exceed your expectations. Available as Wood Venetians and Natural Wood Weave.
Real Wood
Real Wood Venetian Blind - click for larger picture Our Real Wood range is completely natural, manufactured from the finest woods. Every slat is guaranteed as the genuine timber, with all the inherent beauty and grain variation of the natural product.

An elegant range of 6 natural finishes, Ash, Beech, Oak, Mahogany, Red Cedar and Cherry. Real Wood slatting is only available in 50 mm slats.

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Timber Impression
Wood  Venetian Picture 3 The Timber Impression Range consists of two wood effect products both available in 50 mm slats in variety of colours from white to redwood.

The first Timber Impressions is manufactured from synthetic thermoplastic and provides a superb wood effect product combining features and pricing that real wood can’t match.

The Timber Impressions Wood Alloy slats are manufactured from a combination of real American hardwood and thermal polymer materials that resist warping, chipping, fading and cracking

Wood Craft  
Wood Craft Venetian Blind - click for larger picture Wood Craft slats are available in either 50 mm or 25 mm slats and are produced from wood with a smooth regular surface. Slats are available in 11 different colours from Polar White to Cinnamon Red.

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All head rails are covered by a matching moulded timber pelmet that is also available with a rebate for blinds that are to be fitted outside the recess. Cords and ladder braid (optional) are also colour matched.

Due to an increased awareness in the dangers from fire and the resulting poisonous fumes all wood blinds can now be treated. The treatment is carried out after the blind has been manufactured and does not affect the colour or the use of the blind. Once treated all timber, braids and cords are flame-retardant.

Natural Wood Weave blinds Our Woven Wood collection is available in a range of Roll up, Roman Style and Roof blinds. They are made from specially selected wood and bamboo products providing you with a tremendous choice of natural and fully functional window blinds that can be custom made to satisfy all styles and shape of window.
Roll-Up Blinds  
Roll-up Wood Weave blinds Roll-up blinds hang flat when lowered. They roll up from the bottom and when raised fully, retract and are hidden behind the valance giving a neat contemporary finish.
Roman Blinds  
Roman Wood Weave blind Roman Weave blinds also hang flat when lowered; when raised they form neat folds and stack neatly behind the valance.
Roman Style Roof Blinds  
Roman Style Wood Weave Roof Blinds Roman Style Roof blinds have been specially designed for conservatory roofs and shaped windows in your home
Edging Tape Options  
All Wood Weave Blinds are available with a choice from over 10 colours of edging tape these include Haiti White, Antigua Cherry and Monserrat Pecan.
Bottom bars are available in five finishes with wood weave blinds, Pine, Natural, Teak, Cherry and Pecan. Acorns are also available in co-ordinated woods and brass to enhance the finish of your blind.